Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: The Year in Review.

Final regular season NFL game is on TV. I've spent 2/3 of my Christmas Gift Card Booty. The Christmas tree is annoying me and I am ready to take it down. I'm making annual sleepover plans with two handsome blondes whose combined age is eight (and their mama, of course!). All this only means one thing: the year is coming to a close.

2012 has been a very good year. Probably the best that we've had as a family in a long time. Ever, actually. There were difficult moments, of course, life isn't ever perfect. But despite those imperfections, we found a lot of happiness this year. I feel more contented than I have in a very long time.

Keeping that focus on the positive, here are the awards from the year that was 2012.

January: Best New Pet.
Facebook served a wonderfully positive purpose this year, as a friend posted a request for another friend about a kitten who needed a home. As a result, I have the sweetest little muffin sleeping next to me as I type. In a stroke of happy fate, this all happened to occur on L's 4th Happy Heart Day. Happy, healthy hearts and sweet Libby. Love.

February: Best Personal Achievement.
February is the best and worst month of the year. I have some negative associations with it from past personal experiences, the weather is always shit, and I can't stand Valentine's Day. Oh, and the Patriots lost the freakin' Super Bowl (to hub's Giants, to add insult to injury!) But, then you also have my birthday, which cures a million ills. This year though, there was even bigger excitement to be had when I started my first teaching gig!! It has been a long held dream to teach, and I love that I was finally able to make that dream a reality when I started teaching a graduate Developmental Psychology course. (I am happy to report that I then added Ethics and Professional Issues to my resume in the Fall, and will be teaching a Career Counseling course for the same university this month. I will also begin teaching at the undergraduate level at the college where I currently work.)

{Note: February also could have been bestowed with the Best Birthday Gift Award. I adore my iphone.}

March: Best Vernal Equinox.
Last winter was blessedly mild (I think in my past life I lived somewhere closer to the equator because I truly detest winter), and when Spring finally dawned we were not digging out from snow. One beautiful evening, M and I took the kiddos out for an after dinner walk to seek out Signs of Spring. It was a simple and lovely moment of watching the world bloom through the eyes of my kids.

April: Best New Book Blog.
After realizing that my mostly-but-somehow-now-rarely-blog-about-Down-syndrome was becoming cluttered with book reviews, I launched booknook. Exciting stuff. April must have been a quiet month! Ha!

May: Best Meal.
Though the actual blog post didn't happen until our return in June, our first night in New Orleans was May 31st. It was also the night we had our first NOLA meal: Gumbo at the Crescent City Brewhouse on Decatur Ave in the French Quarter. Oh. my. stars. My brother-in-law's crawfish etouffee gets a very strong honorable mention. All the food we ate on that trip was tremendous but that first meal will go down as one of the best of my life. The return trip is being planned!

June: Best New Hobby.
Mama is a runner. And really excited about it. Mama completed a 5K, and under the goal time! I still find it surprising that not only did this hobby stick but that I have actually learned to not only bear it, but love it. I have had bronchitis and haven't run in about two weeks. I am going tomorrow regardless, because I am really jonesing for a good run. Best decision I've made in a long time!

{Note: June also could have been honored with Best New Music, as I finally joined the new millennium and discovered a couple of "new" musicians as part of my quest for good running music. Top honors go to Florence and the Machine's "Between Two Lungs".}

July: Best Summer Ever.
July gets the blanket nod for Best Summer Ever, though the New Orleans trip, annual Jersey Shore vacation, and a smattering of summer weddings, interspersed across several months, all contributed. July itself was a winner, seeing us take in an evening of Dave Matthews Band love, followed by taking in an evening of Shakespeare on the banks of the Hudson. Later in the month we traveled to DC for the Down syndrome Convention, which was an amazing experience. July was awesome.

Yes, this happened!!! We met our sweet friend, Kayla and her family! 

August: Best Beginning of a Transition.
August was a slower paced month following June and July. The biggest and best thing we encountered in August was the beginning of the beginning: L's kindergarten orientation! It was a happy but emotional day as I had to trim the proverbial apron strings a little more. M and I have taken an extremely active role in L's Early Intervention and Preschool experiences, and the letting go of kindergarten was a big lesson for all of us.

September: Best First Day of School!
Aaaand, then there was the actual first day! I was proud of both of us--No tears! To slightly less fanfare, but of no less importance, my little man also started Pre-K (in fancy Spiderman sneakers, no less!)!

October: Best Annual Events.
There are few things in life that make me happier than the Buddy Walk! We had been to five prior to this year's and the weather was always sunny and gorgeous. Which meant, obviously, that it would be a rainy and damp day this year. The weather couldn't dampen the love and joy of the day though. Buddy Walks are awesome like that.

Photo courtesy of Andy Cox Photography

Later in the month, M and I managed to sneak away for a little weekend rendezvous for our 10th wedding anniversary. A decade of marital bliss? Some years were more blissful than others, that's for sure. But we made it. Better than ever. 

November: Best Turkey Related Holiday.
Thanksgiving meant a little more this year, because there really was so much to be thankful for. Maybe there has always been this much to be thankful for. Maybe the real thanks giving is in just being able to finally recognize and enjoy it. Either way, it was lovely to reflect and take stock of all the gifts we've been given.

December: Best Epiphany.
There were a couple runners up for the December award. Best Snowman (Leonard of my front lawn fame). Best Shopping Spree (Today at our local mall. I tore it up, including two free pair of tights and a free wallet to go with my cute new shoulder bag.) Best Christmas Ever (with my kids, who totally got it and totally loved it!). Best Use of Facebook (For the random check-in from a college friend that brought us to a mini reunion in Panera, where I then met an online book club buddy who happened to be passing through town!) But truly, the biggest event in my December had nothing to do with me but has had as profound an impact on me as anything that has actually occurred in my life. I have tried to stay true to my word and make small but important changes in the way I negotiate my relationships. Love wins.

Thank you, 2012, for bringing so much good. It is with a light and happy heart that I welcome the new year. Wishing you and yours the very best in 2013.

PS: Don't drink and drive this NYE! Stay safe! xo

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